A Guide to RollingSouth

  • Can be advertised in public — which is why you can read this! The fund is being raised under “General Solicitation” rules. You can read all about General Solicitation here.
  • Is subscribed to quarterly. Rather than make a big upfront commitment, investors sign up for a smaller quarterly subscription for as long as they would like.
  • The fund is all powered by AngelList, a premier online platform for angel investing. AngelList handles all the fund administration (paperwork, taxes, investor reporting, …).
  • Positive demographics and economic performance plus entrepreneurial dynamism give the southeast great tailwinds: there are many reasons “Techxodus” is seeing people move here.
  • Diversified deal flow at lower valuations than major markets, in industries the southeast specializes in.
  • VentureSouth: a top 10 angel group in North America, with over 400 members, proven processes, a mature track record, and investment relationships with every investor in the region.
  • Established team of experienced angel investors active in this market.
  • Over $50 million invested in 80 companies in the region, with positive ROI and cash returns.
  • Having rounds led by an experienced investment group help entrepreneurs get rounds funded on reasonable terms.
  • Having a lead investor with established relationships with all the local funding sources helps later fundraising; and an existing investor enthusiastic to participate in follow-on rounds helps too.
  • Having 400 angels on your side gives entrepreneurs a better chance of finding the connection, advice, suggestion or introduction they need.
  • Team: RollingSouth is led by VentureSouth — whose three-person team have worked together for 7 years — and David Grisell, a long-standing member of VentureSouth. We are not a solo-GP or a new partnership; we’re an established team.
  • Full time: angel investing is not our side hustle or a hobby; this is what we do, full time, every day.
  • Angel investing history: we are not new investors learning how to invest on your dime; we’ve been doing this for decades!
  • Experience in the southeastern market: we are not recent transplants developing relationships or establishing a brand in the southeast.
  • Management fee: Investment funds charge a management fee, typically this is 2% of committed capital for 10 years. Given the infrastructure RollingSouth uses at AngelList and VentureSouth, our fees are lower: 1% per year for the fund managers and 0.15% per year for AngelList.
  • Investment funds often charge other fees for lots of minor things. RollingSouth will not.
  • Pomp Investments: formed by Anthony Pompliano, investor, media personality and Bitcoin advocate, focused primarily on crypto-related startups, and invests nationally from Pomp’s base in NC.
  • Sustainable Food Ventures: GPs Ryan and Mariliis are based in Durham, from where they invest exclusively in food-related companies nationally.
  • LAB PropTech: from their base in Miami, Tigre Wenrich and Rafael Valdivia invest in property technology companies, again nationally / globally.



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VentureSouth invests in early stage companies in the Southeast